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Honors Students Among Presenters at Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol

Forty-seven WVU students have been invited to participate the seventeenth annual Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol (URDC) in Charleston, West Virginia on Friday, February 7.

Students representing eleven institutions will present their research from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the Capitol Rotunda. In all, over 95 students will participate.

Among the 47 WVU students presenting are 24 Honors students. See the names of these students, along with their town of residence, research disciplinary focus, research poster title and research mentors. If a student worked on a project with non-Honors students as well, those students' names are also included below, but not in bold.
  • Abigail Paul, Jim Thorpe, PA (Environmental Studies), “The use of bioremediation as a potential treatment for produced water,” Shawn Grushecky, Research Mentor
  • Alyssa Rittinger, Red House, WV (Community Health), “Dietary patterns and their relation to gingival health during pregnancy in Appalachian women,” Daniel W. McNeil, Research Mentor
  • Bethany Wager, Waverly, WV (Environmental Studies), “Using sex ratios of Brook Trout to identify population resilience and spawning adult size structure,” Ross Andrew, Research Mentor
  • Carlie Ramsayer, Madison, WV (Engineering), “Quantifying United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Using GREENSCOPE Indicators,” Fernando Lima, Research Mentor
  • David Sokolov, Morgantown, WV (Biology), “NMNAT1, a protein linked to blinding disease, is crucial for development of the retina,” Saravanan Kolandaivelu, Research Mentor
  • Fiona Galley, Morgantown, WV (Community Health), “Rate of Participation in High-Risk Occupations from 2009-2017 amongst Asians in the U.S.,” Carlos Siordia, Research Mentor
  • Grant DuVall, Bridgeport, WV (Community Health), “Development of a multidisciplinary metabolic clinic in a primary care setting.,” Treah Haggerty, Research Mentor
  • Jessica Hogbin, Hedgesville, WV (History), “Between two worlds: power, politics, and noblewomen in early modern Europe,” Matthew Vester, Research Mentor
  • Jordan Nistendirk, Charleston, WV (History), “Insiders and Outsiders on the Gay Community in Weimar Berlin,” Katherine Aaslestad, Research Mentor
  • Julie Gilmore, Winfield, WV (Psychology), “Associations Between Adolescent Internet Use and Problematic Outcomes: The Role of Parental Monitoring,” Aaron Metzger, Research Mentor
  • Kingsly Jonathan , Morgantown, WV (Biomedical), “Timing of Audiovisual Integration in Individuals with Autism,” Paula Webster, Research Mentor
  • Madewa Adeniyi, Bridgeport, WV (Biomedical), “User-controlled strategies for effective enzyme immobilization,” Cerasela Dinu, Research Mentor
  • Meredith Phillips, Hurricane, WV (Biomedical), “Perception threshold of external disturbances to locomotion in healthy young adults,” Jessica Allen, Research Mentor
  • Morgan Glass, Triadelphia, WV (Biochemistry), “Picking favorites: Differential activation of phosphofructokinase-1 by biphosphorylated sugars,” Bradley Webb, Research Mentor
  • Riley Darragh, Nottingham, PA (Sociology/Social Work), “Graduate Students' Identification with Science: The Roles of Demographics, Experiences, and Discipline,” Christopher Scheitle, Research Mentor
  • Samantha Holbert, Bridgeport, WV, Kelsey Keen, Harrisburg, PA, and Josh Roark, Fairmont, WV (Psychology), “Resiliency for Appalachia-Youth Overcoming Trauma and the State Opioid Response,” Cheryl McNeil, Research Mentor
  • Samuel Talkington, Bridgeport, WV, (Engineering), “Digital Forensics for Iris Image Spoof Detection: A Case Study,” Natalia Schmid, Research Mentor
  • Sara Kuberski, Morgantown, WV, and Morgan Simpson, Summit Point, WV (Forensic Science), “Development of electrochemical sensors for buprenorphine and naltrexone using screen-printed carbon electrodes,” Luis Arroyo, Research Mentor
  • Sarah Lipinski, Hurricane, WV, (Psychology), “Dental Provider-Child Interactions in West Virginia Pediatric Dental Care Settings,” Daniel McNeil, Research Mentor
  • Savannah Hays, Mineral Wells, WV, (Psychology), “Association between social behavior and face responsiveness in autistic and healthy brains,” Shuo Wang, Research Mentor
  • Serenity McDill, Hedgesville, WV, (Community Health), “Coaching Palliative Home Care for Family Caregivers of Heart Failure Patients,” Trisha Petitte, Research Mentor
  • Sloan Nesbit , Morgantown, WV, (Immunology and Medical Micobiology), “Characterization of Drug Resistant B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cell Lines,” Laura F Gibson, Research Mentor