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Summer Study Abroad in Germany

Study in Münster, Germany this summer with WVU’s Program at the Kapito Language School.

See below for more information provided by faculty leader Deborah Janson.

Program Dates and Cost

Four weeks from July 5 to August 1, 2020
$4,000 plus airfare and miscellaneous expenses

Program Details

This four-week faculty-led summer program with the Kapito Language School in Münster, Germany offers WVU students the opportunity to study German in a German-speaking, culturally rich environment.

The program, which accommodates all skill levels from beginning through advanced, provides a minimum of twenty 45-minute lessons of high-quality in-class language instruction per week, as well as afternoon tutorials, culture classes, and excursions in Münster and the surrounding area.

Münster itself—an 800-year old town in North Rhine-Westphalia that is home to the third largest university in Germany—offers students many rich and exciting cultural and social opportunities.

Program participants will reside with Germans in private homes or apartments. They will be immersed in the German language while gaining first-hand knowledge of German culture and history.

Course Credit

Upon successful completion of the program, they will earn six credit hours. Three of these can count toward WVU’s foreign-language requirement, if desired, and 3-6 credits can count toward electives or a major or minor in German, depending on participants’ skill level and which courses they complete.

How to Apply

Learn more about how to apply on the  Germany: Language and Culture in Münster program on the WVU Abroad website. Applications are due March 1. Please contact the program director as soon as possible if this deadline poses difficulty.


Contact faculty leader and program director Deborah Janson for more information: email, office number 304-293-8320.

Frequently Asked Questions (and Their Answers):

1. What would an average day in this program be like?

On weekdays, you would attend language class with other international students from 9:00-12:30 p.m., break for lunch; attend a culture class with WVU students in the early afternoons, work/relax on your own or with friends or participate in cultural events and outings planned by the program in late afternoons/evenings, participate in planned excursions or travel on your own on the weekends.

2. Which courses would I receive credit for?

Before embarking on the program, you would register for the German culture course (number TBA) and for the language course that follows the last one you will have completed at WVU, or that is otherwise appropriate. If you are a complete beginner, you would register for GER 101. You would take a placement test on the first day of classes (July 6) to determine the correct Kapito course for you. You would receive a total of 6 credits for successful completion of these 2 courses. The language course, if 101-204, can count toward WVU’s language requirement and possibly a GEF, and upper-level courses can count toward the major or minor, either as electives or to fulfill a requirement, depending on the course taken. They can also simply count toward your WVU credit requirement.

3. What does the cost of the program cover?

It covers lodging and breakfast, faculty salaries, instructional materials, some weekday outings, WVU tuition, OGA program & administrative costs, Kapito Language School administrative costs, health insurance and a bus pass. Be sure to check out all the funding sources that may be available to you.

4. Where would I live?

You’d have a single room in a house or apartment, with a German family or a German couple or single person whose kids are grown, or some other German roommates.

5. Would I have to bring separate spending money for anything?

The program fee does not cover the flight or meals beyond breakfast. (It is possible to have your dinner provided by the host family at an additional cost of approximately 240 Euros for 30 meals; you need to decide this in advance, but pay when you get there); lunch is always on your own, but is inexpensive if bought in the Menza (student cafeteria), or other places students frequent. Groceries are inexpensive, and you can also pack a lunch and bring it with you. Each weekend excursion organized by the program costs an additional 10 Euros, and there are also miscellaneous expenses. Cost of passport is also additional.

6. What is the trip booking process? Would we fly there together or separately?

You would make your own travel arrangements, arriving in Münster on July 5 and leaving your host location on August 1. This allows you to search for the lowest airfare and to travel in Europe before the program starts or after it ends, if you desire.

7. Where would we go on weekend excursions?

Likely destinations are Hamburg, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Amsterdam and the North Sea.