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Honors Student Association: September Updates

Thank you to everyone who attended the first meeting and stuck with it despite the technical difficulties! The next meeting is on Monday, Sept. 28 at 7:30 p.m, where the main focus will be filling the open officer positions. If you are interested in running for a position, please read the following to learn more about what each of the officers do. The open positions are: treasurer, secretary, historian and social media chair.

Open Position Descriptions

  • Treasurer: The treasurer handles all of the monetary issues within the club, where the officer is expected to manage a budget for each event, log all money coming in and out of the HSA checking account, and be present to pay for HSA expenditures on shopping trips.
  • Secretary: The secretary is the “bookkeeper” of the club. At the beginning of each meeting, the secretary will record attendance then proceed to take notes on the plans for future events so that there is a written document of the club’s ideas. After each meeting’s conclusion, the secretary should type up/send a picture of the notes to the officer group chat so that the notes can be reviewed by everyone.
  • Historian: The historian works as the club photographer. At each event, the historian will take pictures of the activities and the attendees, then send them/share them with the social media chair, who will update the different platforms with the photos and a short message. The historian will also aid the social media chair in coming up with poster designs for event fliers that will be posted on social media as well as around WVU’s campus.
  • Social Media Chair: The social media chair is in charge of all of HSA’s platforms: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. As well as working with the historian to create commemorating posts about past events, this officer is at the forefront of getting the word out to all HSA members about meetings, events and volunteer opportunities. This is primarily done through digital fliers/announcements on social media, but also on printed fliers that will be hung around campus.   


Questions about running for an officer position? Email