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Honors Foundations Spotlight: Jillian Blair

Jillian Blair headshot.

Jillian Blair comes from a family of West Virginia born Mountaineers, from her sister, who recently graduated from WVU, to her brother who will join her at WVU next year. Jillian is an environmental & energy resources management major and double minor in sustainable design and geology.

As a second-year student, Jillian said that after last year’s less traditional year, she’s tried to use this year to become as involved as she can on campus. 

“College is all about trying new things — things you might never get to try again,” Jillian said. This year, Jillian has joined Printmaking Club and is trying her hand at beekeeping.

Jillian will finish the Honors Foundations program this spring and is already looking ahead to what she might want to pursue for her Honors EXCEL project for her final two years at WVU. Wanting to create a project that has an impact on as many at WVU as possible, Jillian plans to combine her interests in urban planning and community building through the creation an augmented reality mural that can help connect students with fun events and the information they need when they first get on campus. She loves the project’s potential to get many different people involved, from artists to leaders on campus.

“I’ve actually had this idea stuck in my head since senior year of high school,” she laughed.

Working with the WVU community (and future community) is a theme that runs throughout her time here. Jillian is an Honors Ambassador, helping answer questions from prospective students and their families at events, and is vice president of the Honors Student Association, helping build events and community for our current Honors students.

“I love connecting with prospective students and helping them see what WVU can give them,” Jillian said. “And as vice president of HSA, we’re such a fun group. I love seeing how we can be a better WVU and Honors College, how to bring more people together and create community here.”

In the future, Jillian plans to go overseas and pursue a masters in sustainable urban planning.

Jillian has some advice for incoming WVU students.

“Make sure you embrace every kind of change you meet. It will help you grow,” she said. “Don’t allow yourself to get totally swamped by your work. You should enjoy what you’re doing. Keeping on track with a routine will allow you the free time to say yes to new things.”