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Emily Calendrelli

Emily Calendrelli Profile

“…five years ago, when I was graduating with my undergraduate degree, I was way too concerned with grades. I was obsessed with adding things to my resume and finding that sacred path to success. So first and foremost, I would have told myself to stop obsessing over being successful, because success is a relative concept and it’s a constantly moving target. Instead, I would have told myself to focus my attention on three specific things. I’d give myself three key pieces of advice that may not directly lead to success, but will instead ensure that the you five years from now is more experienced, more passionate, and more confident than the you that is sitting here today. And that’s definitely a step in the right direction. My three pieces of advice are (1) get uncomfortable, (2) get outraged, (3) and have an adventure.”) ( WVU Honors College Recognition Ceremony 2014) Learn more about our Alumni Programs

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