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Kevin Gooding

Kevin Gooding Profile

"Every semester they stop me in my tracks with a new thought, a new insight, a new connection. Every semester someone makes me think, 'I wish I'd thought of that!'"

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“Dr. Gooding gave me confidence in college classes. First, he taught me that college professors are not so distant and out of touch as they are often perceived. He was very personable and truly cares about his students engaging in the material. Additionally, Dr. Gooding enabled my voice in college classes.  Until his class, I was timid and felt no need to actively participate in my courses. However, being in his class has encouraged me to speak up much more often. He does an excellent job at fostering discussion in his classes. Ultimately, Dr. Gooding deserves this award because he has made me, and my fellow classmates, feel comfortable and welcomed to the WVU Honors College,” -Nominating student