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Honors Mentoring Program


About the Program

Expectations for mentors and how they support honors students

Honors Mentors are an important part of the Honors first-year experience! Mentors help connect first-year students with the resources they need to be successful at West Virginia University by helping with the Honors Retreat and leading the HONR 102: Introduction to Honors course.

Mentors happily chatting with each other

How to Get Involved

Becoming an Honors mentor is a great way for students to find a deeper sense of connection with the Honors community.

Students who have completed HONR 102 and earned a “B” or better in HONR 402: Peer Mentoring can become mentors for new Honors students. Students also need to maintain good academic standing in the Honors College and be available to teach a maximum of two sections of HONR 102: Introduction to Honors. Students must be currently enrolled in either the Honors Foundations Program, have completed the Honors Foundations Program, or be enrolled in the Honors EXCEL Program.

Mentors serve as teaching assistants for HONR 102: Introduction to Honors during the fall semester. Students can earn Honors credit through the mentor program by taking HONR 402: Peer Mentoring and HONR 490: Teaching Practicum.