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Honors Faculty Mentors

Mentors are crucial to the academic experiences of Honors EXCEL students.

Asked to be a faculty mentor for an Honors EXCEL project? Make sure you fill out this Mentor Confirmation Form if you did not already do so as part of the student application process.

Complete the Mentor Confirmation Form

What is Expected of Honors EXCEL Mentors?

  • Committing to 3 or 4 semesters of mentoring a student through their EXCEL project.
  • Helping the student decide on appropriate methodologies/practices/processes.
  • Meeting with them regularly to ensure they are making progress.
  • Ensuring that the student receives appropriate safety and/or ethics trainings relevant to their project.
  • Providing feedback to the students’ prospectus for HONR450 and for their final submissions for HONR451.
  • Helping the student overcome any challenges and encouraging to engage in project development opportunities.

Note: You will not be responsible for facilitating funding requests.

What Is Expected of Students as an Honors EXCEL Mentor?

  • Complete Honors EXCEL program requirements.
  • Write a project prospectus for HONR450.
  • Work on project for approx. 3-4 hours per week (per credit being earned).
  • Update faculty mentor on project progress.
  • Understand appropriate scholarly context and applicable methodologies for project.
  • Independently advance the project in meaningful ways.
  • Complete a final written document and oral presentation as a part of HONR451.
  • Abide by WVU policies and ethical guidelines relevant to the project.
  • Understand the various stakeholders & social impact of project.

The WVU Honors College & EXCEL program will ensure student and mentor success through curricular support, financial assistance, and secondary mentorship by program affiliates.

Need More Information?

The Honors College is happy to help answer questions. Reach out for guidance about mentorship and more today. (304) 293-2100