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Faculty & Advisors

The success of the Honors College's academic mission depends on the expertise and dedication of faculty members and Honors advisors across the disciplines.  This page links to information and resources for campus partners across WVU's many colleges, schools, divisions, and departments. If you have suggestions or resources to share suggestions, please let us know.

Honors Advisors

One of the advertised benefits of participating in Honors is that students have access to an Honors-focused advisor in the major from their first semester on campus.  These advisors can help students integrate honors into their course of study, avoid conflicting advice, and tailor an enriched curriculum that best suits their individual academic choices. This advisor does not need to be dedicated solely to Honors students if that model is not appropriate for the major.

We ask that any advisor working with Honors students do two things to familiarize themselves with advising for the Honors College's programs: 1) register with the Honors College to be added to the email distribution list, which distributes regular Honors advising memos, and 2) participate when possible in Honors advisor training sessions.  Please contact the Associate Dean for more information.

Please see our Honors Advisor's Toolkit for more resources.

Honors Faculty

The Honors College does not have a dedicated faculty, but instead is open to working with faculty members from across the campus.  If you are a faculty member interested in working with Honors College students by teaching a course, advising a thesis, or participating in programming there are many ways to get involved.