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Apply To Honors As A Transfer Student

Freshman Transfer Students

Any student class of 2021 and later who is transferring to WVU and has earned fewer than 20 credit hours as a full-time student and has maintained a 3.7 cumulative GPA without an I or W on their transcript may submit an application for membership to the Honors College.

Freshmen transfer students with 20-34 credit hours and a 3.7 cumulative GPA who are interested in joining the Honors College must request an appointment with Associate Dean Damien Clement.

Freshman transfer students can complete and application at the link below.

Complete an Application

Upper-Level Transfer Students

Transfer students who are not freshmen should look into the Honors EXCEL program for upperclassmen to see if they may be eligible to apply.

Learn About Honors EXCEL

Transfer Students From Other WVU Campuses

Honors students from other WVU campuses can apply to join us at the Honors College through the Change of Campus form. Honors students at WVU Potomac State who are in good standing in the AA/AAS Honors Program or the BAS Honors Program are both eligible to apply.

Complete A Change of Campus Form