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Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion


A Letter From the Dean

The West Virginia University Honors College remains steadfast in our goal of providing all of our students with an environment in which they can thrive throughout their educational journey and equipping them to meet the academic, societal and professional hurdles they may encounter. We focus our attention on fostering a multicultural environment, promoting cultural proficiency, and aspiring higher in our commitment to our mission and values. As a result of this attention, we have launched initiatives to support our students and reaffirm our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Some of these initiatives include:

Despite our progress, we know that we must continue to do more and work even harder. We want the Honors College to be a place where every student can lead, explore, build and work together to their fullest potential.

Our journey requires our collective action. Please join me in reading, thinking, interacting with others unlike ourselves, challenging our and other’s beliefs, and holding each other accountable. At the same time, please join me in being kind, patient, persistent, empathic and loving towards one another. Our journey will require hard conversations that may make us uncomfortable. In doing so, we will reflect and evaluate harsh criticism of our words, actions and beliefs. By taking this journey, we will undoubtedly grow.

I am thrilled to be on this journey with the Honors College students, staff and faculty. Knowing that Honors College students will be leaders on campus, off campus and beyond makes the journey particularly rewarding because our work here and now will positively impact our society as well.

I look forward to stepping forward together

Best Regards,
Kenneth P. Blemmings signature
Kenneth P. Blemings, PhD

Dr. Kenneth Blemings

Dean of the Honors College

A professor in the Division of Animal and Nutritional Sciences and inaugural director of the University’s intercollegiate undergraduate program in biochemistry was named dean of the WVU Honors College in 2015.

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Student Life


Our affinity groups bring together students from diverse backgrounds and wide-ranging interests with a common goal of creating a culture of belonging.

Learn About Affinity Groups


Rise WVU creates opportunities for Black, Latinx, and other diverse students to build an academic community and persist towards graduation. Rise WVU collaborates with campus partners to offer various services and events to connect and unify underrepresented students with the broader campus community.


WVU offers a wide variety of student-run organizations students can join. Students can also start new organizations.

Learn About Student Orgs


Work with our partners toward a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus
A hand holding up a promotional pin for the division of diversity, equity and inclusion that reads 'We are here for you.' in white text against a rainbow background.

Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Visit the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion's website to learn more about the resources they offer to WVU students.

Learn About the Division
Students enjoying a meal at a Center for Black Research Culture and Research

Center for Black Culture and Research

Visit the Center for Black Culture and Research's website to learn more about the resources they offer to WVU students.

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A hand holding up a promotional card for the LGBTQ+ Center that reads 'Hi.' in black text.

LGBTQ+ Center

Visit the Division of LGBTQ+ Center's website to learn more about the resources they offer to WVU students.

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Watch a video from our new seminar series.

Overlooked Forms of Racism at Predominantly White Institutions

Rachael Purtell, a doctoral candidate in communications studies, provides a historical overview of overlooked forms of racism at predominantly white institutions, discusses ways gender can influence racism and provides strategies to move forward.

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Diversity, equity, & inclusion taskforce

The Honors College Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Taskforce is working to create and implement solutions to foster the success of all Honors students. Read more about this taskforce.

Learn About the DEI Taskforce

Current initiatives

The Honors College is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive academic, co-curricular and cultural experience for all of our students. Visit this page to learn more about our efforts.

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WVU Resources

Visit this page for a list of key resources available to support WVU students.

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Indigenous land acknowledgement

Read the full statement on this page.

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Diversity in honors education

Interested in learning more about diversity in Honors education? Visit this page for links to academic literature about this important topic.

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