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WVU Resources

See below for a list of some key resources available to WVU students.

Accessibility Services

The Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) is dedicated to enhancing the educational opportunities for students with temporary and permanent disabilities at West Virginia University (WVU) and all of its campuses. To ensure access to University programs, specialists work individually with students to help them achieve academic success by helping them coordinate academic, housing and transportation accommodations.

Career Services Center

The Career Services Center offers a wide range of career and professional development services for current students and alumni, including self-assessments, one-on-one career counseling, resume writing assistance, practice interviews, career fairs, and other specialized programs and events.

Carruth Center

A student's time at WVU may be filled with transitions, self-exploration and change. The Carruth Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CCCPS) offers services and resources dedicated to fostering a supportive learning environment for all members of the WVU community. The Carruth Center  strives to provide its services and programs in an atmosphere that is welcoming, comfortable, and multiculturally sensitive for all students, faculty, and staff. 

Collegiate Recovery Program

Through activities centered around health, wellness, adventure, community, service and fun, the Collegiate Recovery Program's goal is to provide the support and resources necessary for students to thrive in their recovery and develop meaning and purpose as they move forward in life. The program aims to support students in this process regardless of what they are in recovery “from.” Instead, the program tries to help them to move towards what they want to recover “to.” So, if you are a student who identifies as in recovery or seeking recovery from a substance use disorder, eating disorder, any other mental health or behavioral disorder, you are welcome to connect with the support and resources the Collegiate Recovery Program provides.

Office of Equity Assurance

To uphold the University's values of fostering a climate of opportunity, mutual respect and understanding that engenders a feeling that the future should be shared by all community members and striving for a campus that is absent of discrimination and harassment on the basis of a protected class named above, the Office of Equity Assurance is responsible for:

  • Investigating all reports of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, domestic misconduct, stalking and retaliation through a fair and equitable process.
  • Monitoring WVU’s compliance with federal, state and institutional policy and procedures.
  • Making relevant policy recommendations.
  • Advising units about hiring processes.
  • Providing prevention education and training.
  • Ensuring support services for persons with disabilities.

International Students and Scholars Services

International Students & Scholars Services (ISSS) is committed to service for all members of the international community who participate or will participate in international experiences at WVU. The ISSS strives to strengthen, enrich and advocate for international education and cultural exchange by anticipating and responding to specific needs and concerns of this international community.

The Rack

The Rack provides non-perishable and perishable food items to all WVU students who are in need of assistance. Please bring your WVU Student ID to utilize the Rack.

  • Normal business hours
    • Monday-Friday 8:15am-4:45pm. 
  • Location
    • Morgan House, Ground Level (Please Use the Side Entrance)
      6 60 N. High Street 
      Morgantown, WV 26506 

Women’s Resource Center

The WVU Women’s Resource Center offers a variety of resources and programs that focus on the diverse needs of female students, faculty, staff and community members so all may enjoy a better, safer, more positive environment. The Women’s Resource Center strives to empower women through on-and-off campus resources, engaging programs, and offering a safer and inclusive space for open discussions on gender equity.

WVU Peer Advocates

WVU Peer Advocates are students of all identities who are committed to responding to students impacted by sexual or intimate partner violence. Student Advocates participate through two 3-credit hour Service-Learning courses, as well as continuing education to gain an in-depth understanding of sexual and intimate partner violence and build effective advocacy skills in response to disclosures of violence. This program trains students to work to end sexual assault and power-based personal violence on campus through prevention education.

Peer Advocates offer the following services, all of which are anonymous:

  • Provide referrals and information on student rights and options
  • Assist in the development and implementation of programs and initiatives that promote healthy relationships, positive communication, bystander intervention, and consent
  • Meet with students to discuss their experience and the resources and options available to them
  • Provide on-campus education regarding the issues around Title IX and sexual violence at West Virginia University
  • Encourage other students to consider the behaviors, attitudes, and actions that guide their lives
  • Help create a campus that is safe and free from sexual violence

Contact a Peer Advocate

To contact a Peer Advocate, call (304) 906-9930 and ask for a peer advocate. This number is a 24/7 free, confidential hotline.

Inclusive Campus Resources

The  Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DDEI) provides education, support, accountability and leadership on diversity-related issues across our campuses and communities. DDEI is working with community leaders to continue to build resource pages for communities at WVU. 
DDEI is also collecting suggestions from the campus community for items that highlight spaces and opportunities where students, faculty and staff can feel welcome and included on WVU's campus and beyond.  Submit your suggestions here.