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Honors EXCEL Toolkit

About the Program

The Honors College Upper-Division Experiential Learning Program (Honors EXCEL Program) supports WVU undergraduate students in experiential and community-engaged learning. Students will develop skills in leadership, project management, communication and collaborative scholarship. Students will create scholarly products appropriate to their project, while advancing the service mission of West Virginia University.

Learn more about the Honors EXCEL program on its academic page. Learn more about how to apply here. Admission for Fall 2022 admission closed Monday, April 22, 2022. More information about Fall 2023 admission will be available this spring.

For in-depth and up-to date details about the Honors Foundations Program, review the Honors Foundations Program 2022-2024 handbook. Program details may vary by year and advisors should refer to the appropriate handbook for students by year of admission. Visit the page below to locate the appropriate handbook.

Program Handbooks EXCEL Program Advising Reference


Admission to the Honors EXCEL Program is an excellent opportunity for students.

Learn more about how third and fourth year students are admitted to the WVU Honors College EXCEL Program and the steps they need to take once admitted to the program by reviewing the page below.

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Program Deails

Program Benefits

Students in the Honors EXCEL Program are granted a number of benefits.

Honors EXCEL students are provided:

  • Opportunities to deeply pursue projects of academic and personal interest

  • Curricular and financial support for student projects

  • Mentorship from faculty in the discipline and from the Honors College program affiliates

  • Professional development through Personal or Professional Development Activities and seminars

  • Connections with a community of Honors students

  • Priority registration for classes before the general population of students

  • Recognition at graduation, on the transcript and on the diploma

  • Access to Information Sessions and Workshops

Student Eligibility

West Virginia University students from all specialties and fields of study (social sciences, STEM, the arts, the humanities, etc.) are invited to apply.

Students must meet the following requirements to be considered for the 2024 Honors EXCEL Program:

  • will be juniors by the Fall 2024 semester

  • will have at least 3 semesters remaining until graduation

  • have earned a GPA of 3.4 or greater

    • Students with GPAs between 3.0 and 3.4 may also apply, supported by a letter of recommendation from an academic adviser, or WVU faculty or staff.

Eligibility for Honors EXCEL is not dependent on previous enrollment in the Honors Foundations program.

Program Requirements

Students in the Honors EXCEL Program are expected to complete specific coursework and educational criteria.

Students must meet the following requirements to complete the Honors EXCEL Program:

  • 1-credit Project Development Course (HONR450)

  • 1-credit Honors EXCEL Capstone Course (HONR451)

  • 6 credits of experiential learning (2-3 semesters) in your major discipline or the Honors College

  • Complete 5 personal and professional development activities (PPDA)* each semester in the program

  • Complete the following final requirements:

    • Submit a portfolio of out-of-class experiences

    • Participate in an exit interview to assess your Honors College Experience

Project Expectations

A strong project proposal:

  • is long-term (three - four semesters), innovative, and appears feasible

  • is mentored by a WVU faculty or staff member

  • enhances a knowledge base or skill set already being developed or pursued by the student (either through coursework or through extracurricular activity)

  • builds on prior work research or scholarship & proposes appropriate methodologies, processes, or practices

  • includes aspects unique to the student

    • This is based on credits and courses. No exceptions will be made for students who do not meet the GPA requirements.
  • has an expectation of a positive impact on the community (broadly defined)

Suggested Timeline

Students in the Honors Foundations Program are granted a number of exclusive benefits.

Honors Foundations students are given access to:

  1. Before Starting the Program

    • Identify a mentor
    • Discuss your ideas with your mentor and academic advisor
    • Apply for the program
  2. First Semester in Honors EXCEL

    • Complete HONR 450
    • Complete 5 Personal or Professional Development Activities (PPDA)
    • Throughout the semester students should meet with their project mentor, begin background research, and learn techniques necessary for their project. They should define the scope, methods, and intended impact of their project. Students should also meet with their academic advisor to choose experiential learning courses.
    • At the end of the semester, submit a project strategic plan, PPDA reflection, and funding report
  3. Middle Semesters in Honors EXCEL

    • Complete 6 credits of approved experiential learning (total)
    • Complete 5 PPDA each semester
    • Throughout the semester students should meet with their project mentor, and check in with their program affiliate. Continue work on their project, reflecting and adapting as necessary. Students should also file for IRB if needed, and request Honors EXCEL funding.
    • At the end of each semester, students should submit project progress reports, a PPDA reflection, and a funding report
  4. First Semester Senior Year

    • Complete HONR 451
    • Complete 5 PPDA
    • Formally complete the program by submitting a final project product, participating in the Honors EXCEL exit interview, and applying for Honors recognition.
    • Students should also meet regularly with their project mentor, identify a reasonable stopping point for their project, and work to communicate their project professionally and with the public

Student Resources & Opportunities

Locate helpful resources and opportunities for Honors students including internship and research opportunities, tutoring and mentoring programs and so much more.

Learn More

Honors EXCEL Projects and Credits

Learn more about how students successfully navigate the Honors EXCEL program.

Honors EXCEL Projects

Honors EXCEL projects are as ambitious as they are diverse. These projects are at the heart of the experiential learning program. Learn more about these projects at the page below.

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Honors EXCEL Experiential Learning Credits

Honors students are required to complete experiential learning credits. Learn more about what these credits consist of and how they can be earned by visiting the page below.

Read More: Honors EXCEL Experiential Learning Credits

Honors EXCEL Information Sessions

Honors EXCEL information sessions are a great opportunity for students to learn more about the Honors EXCEL program and get feedback on their projects. See times and dates for upcoming sessions by visiting the page below.

Read More: Honors EXCEL Information Sessions

Complete the Program

In the semester a student will be finishing the Honors Foundations program, they will need to complete an Honors recognition application and an exit survey. To satisfactorily complete the program, students must meet appropriate final requirements:

  • Complete all requirements

  • Submit a final project product

  • Complete the Honors EXCEL exit interview (sent to students via email by Vickie Sigley)

  • Apply for Honors recognition

Direct students to the Graduating Honors Page for more information on how to receive recognition and complete their program.

Visit the Graduating Seniors Page