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Independent Study/ Research

The Honors College welcomes proposals from Honors scholars wishing to pursue independent study projects and research opportunities.

These projects may provide up to three credits of the required Honors hours. Projects also may serve to meet other requirements in a student’s program of study, e.g., a requirement or an elective in the major, total hours requirement for graduation, etc.

All independent study projects must be approved prior to the experience.The following is a guide to help assure that your proposal will be approved:

  1. Select a mentor from the faculty who agrees to guide you and grade your work.
  2. With the help of your mentor, describe the project or research effort in which you intend to be involved. Complete the Independent Study/Research Application.

Independent Study

Independent study provides opportunities for scholars to delve deeply into areas not offered in the traditional course rotation. Independent studies earning Honors hours should be intensive inquiries designed by the student and instructor and approved by staff in the Honors College.


WVU seeks to excel in research, creative activity, and innovation across all disciplines. Honors scholars are encouraged to pursue undergraduate research opportunities. In fact, we want you to earn Honors credit for the research you pursue.

Independent study and research courses must be taken for a grade of A-F; they cannot be taken pass/fail.

Learn more about the Office of Undergraduate Research.