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Apply to Honors EXCEL

About the Program

The Honors College Upper-Division Experiential Learning Program (Honors EXCEL Program) supports WVU undergraduate students in experiential and community-engaged learning. Students will develop skills in leadership, project management, communication and collaborative scholarship. Students will create scholarly products appropriate to their project, while advancing the service mission of West Virginia University.

Applications for Spring 2024 are now open. The deadline to apply is Nov. 27, 2023.

Submitting Your Application

The Honors EXCEL application has a rolling deadline. Within the application, students will have the option to select a future start term. Students are strongly encouraged to contact us to receive feedback on your project idea, and for assistance with preparing your application for Fall 2023 and future semesters.

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Get more information about how the program works

Read about student eligibility, program benefits, and program requirements. Visit the page below to better understand what the program offers to students.

Learn About the Program

How to Apply

Before Submitting Your Application

Before you submit your application, verify that it is ready to be submitted by answering the following questions:

  • What is your project idea? How do you plan to accomplish it over the next three to four semesters?

  • Who will help mentor you on your project? (We can help you find a mentor if you contact us beforehand!)

  • Who will be impacted by your project?

  • How have your previous curricular or extracurricular experiences prepared and qualified you to take on this project?

  • How will this project enrich your undergraduate academic experience?

Learn more about project requirements and see examples of successful student projects by visiting the page below.

Learn About Project Requirements