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Honors EXCEL Affiliates

About Affiliates

Honors EXCEL Affiliates teach HONR 450 and 451 sections

The Honors EXCEL faculty affiliates are the instructors who teach the two Honors EXCEL classes, HONR 450 and HONR 451. In that role, they provide instruction on how to develop a project and on how to communicate about it. At the same time, the faculty affiliates are also a good resource for students if they need a broader perspective about scholarship in general, or about their projects in particular. Our faculty affiliates are well-connected within their field, which is why they can suggest other faculty members, university resources or OCEs that could be useful for your project. Students are welcome to contact any of the faculty affiliates, even if they did not teach their Honors section! 

Access the full directory of past affiliates using the link below.

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2022-2024 Honors EXCEL Affiliates

The Honors College is excited to introduce five new Honors EXCEL Program Affiliates.

Dr. Annie Cui

Kmart Chair and Associate Professor of Marketing John Chambers College of Business and Economics

View Profile: Dr. Annie Cui

Virginia Desouky

Associate University Librarian / Scholarly Engagement Librarian Health Sciences Library at WVU Libraries

View Profile: Virginia Desouky

Dr. Lucy Mauro

Associate Professor School of Music, College of Creative Arts

View Profile: Dr. Lucy Mauro

Ashton Marra

Teaching Assistant Professor Reed College of Media

View Profile: Ashton Marra

Dr. David Hoinski

Teaching Assistant Professor Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

View Profile: Dr. David Hoinski