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United Through Sport

Nicholas Eveland
Management Major | Chambers College of Business and Economics

Nicholas Eveland, a management major in the  Chambers College of Business and Economics, plans to enrich international students' time at WVU by encouraging more engagement between domestic and international students. Upon arrival, many international students are injected into the heart of a culture, and oftentimes country, that is very different from their own. Sometimes the only thing that resembles home are peers from their home country and they quickly become go-to friends, which can lead to social stratification amongst international groups and restrict them from branching out and meeting new people. He plans to utilize sport as a medium to encourage engagement as they are universal and build comradery. Organizing sporting tournaments and other sports-related activities could be a great way to build relationships between domestic and international students. Furthermore, for incoming international students, he thinks a big brother/sister program would be very beneficial to their experience here at WVU. This program could be utilized to show incoming students the ropes on campus and better integrate them into WVU student life.

Nicholas Eveland, the Honors EXCEL student developing 'United Through Sport'